If you were near Joel Barlow High School this morning you may have noticed how crowded it was. Not because of a football game or pep rally but because of a life celebration. Coach Jordan Wright was just 40 years old when he lost his battle with bone cancer last week.

Redding, CT resident Dr. James McNamara, owner of Bethel Veterinary Hospital, is one of my closest friends. He knew Jordan Wright very well, they were neighbors years ago when they grew up. That's Dr. McNamara's nephew, Harry, in the picture above.

He was my sister Colleen Waterbury's best friend's brother. He fought bone cancer for 10 years and coached football at Barlow all through it. He would attend practice in a golf cart because he couldn't walk. His funeral will be the largest this town has seen.

Dr. McNamara told me that Jordan's mother wrote the obituary which was published in the Danbury News Times. It is an amazing account of a life well lived with honor and respect. A man who took the high road every single time. Someone that anyone would be proud to know.

Even in death, he continues to do amazing things. The Wright family has set up The Jordan Wright Memorial Scholarship will recognize student athletes who have persevered through adversity. The address for donations is: JTW Memorial Scholarship, Joel Barlow High School, 100 Black Rock Turnpike, Redding, CT 06896.

Jordan Wright leaves behind his wife, Kate, his 7-month-old-daughter, Autumn Grace, his parents, Kenneth and Sandra, his sister and brother-in-law, Mackenzie and Dennis Sullivan, nieces Casey and Addie and a great many loved ones.