The third anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy will be the first to fall on a school day — one that Newtown officials will try to make as normal as possible for many students.


According to Newtown High School and all middle schools will mark the day with remarks over public address systems before the daily moments of silence, but staff at lower-grade schools will offer parents, if requested, talking points on how to discuss the shootings with their children. At the Sandy Hook school, it will be a full day of school with all normal activities. also quoted First Select women Pat Llodra who said,."The expectation that it becomes easier is not realistic,This is a reality that we're still struggling with, and a struggle to develop a sense of positivity about the future. It takes time for a community to recover."

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The biggest event of the day will be the annual interfaith community service at the Trinity Episcopal Church on Monday evening. It will include prayers, music and time for lighting candles, but not a lot of speeches.

Superintendent of Schools Joseph Erardi Jr. is discouraging media coverage Monday in the town. He was quoted as saying that "Newtown needs only Newtown on this day,. There are supports that we have put together. There is a peace that we put together for that day."

The superintendent is urging school officials nationwide to review their safety plans, and people to remember Newtown is still healing.


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