Two Danbury residents have been arrested after a months long drug investigation by the city's Special Investigations Division (SID), Community Conditions Unit, and the Patrol Division.

According to the Danbury Police Department, a search and seizure warrant was executed at a residence located on the first floor of 1 Linden Pl. The warrant was issued as a result of several neighborhood complaints that the address had become a drug house.

At 8:10 PM last night (July 28) Police caught 55-year-old Richard Caldwell trying to flush over 230 bags of heroin that were packaged for sale. From there, they found another occupant of the drug den, 41-year-old Tijuana Brown in possession of both heroin and crack cocaine.

They say never get high on your own supply. This is just me speaking, but based on the mugshots of the two, I am going to say that they have never heard that saying before.

When I read the name Richard Caldwell, I expected to see one regal looking S.O.B. Well, that man did not live up to the regal status that his name should carry. I pictured him as a refined dignitary, the photo tells a much different tale. Head up and shoulders back, kiddo.

Then, I read the name Tijuana Brown. That sounded made up. I thought I was doing a table read for a Tarantino film. It is real, however, and now, the two will have to face the music in court. Perhaps her charges would be less if she stuck to smoking her namesake vice - Tijuana Brown - as opposed to crack and heroin. Good luck.