There have been a lot of layoffs across the state recently. One of the more recent layoffs happened to an Animal Control Officer in Hartford, and it has people across the state very upset.

I follow a page on Facebook called Hartford Animal Shelter Partnered with Hartford Police Department, and the Animal Control Officer (ACO), Sherry DeGenova, always worked so hard to get these animals homes. Most of the time, thanks to both Sherry and the people who have liked the page, a lot of these animals get saved and find homes.

These animals only have a certain number of days to find a home and Sherry put in a lot of her own time, unpaid, to help these animals find homes.  One of the videos on the Facebook page shows Sherry explaining all she has done for the city of Hartford, which include shutting down illegal breeders and dog fighting rings.

In the week that she has been unemployed, hundreds have gathered at rallies to support her. A petition was started to get her job back and, at the time that I signed it, there were over 10,000 signatures.

The fear is that without Sherry many of these dogs will be euthanized without having been given a fair shot at finding a forever home.  According to a report from WFSB, the city went from four Animal Control Officers to two and one of them is out on medical leave. So that means there is one Animal Control Officer available to help these animals.

Here is some footage for a rally that happened this past Monday. I love seeing this kind of support for someone who is so dedicated to helping animals!

WFSB 3 Connecticut

On a personal note, I would hope the City of Hartford would take the petition and the outcries from the public into consideration. Sherry has done a lot for the city and it’s not just residents of Hartford that want to see her reinstated. People all over Connecticut and even surrounding states have called for her to be reinstated. Someone who has done so much and put in her own time is someone who deserves to get their job back.

Thank you, Sherry, for all you have done!

You can follow the Hartford Animal Shelter Partnered with Hartford Police Department Facebook page to see the animals that need to find homes and also to keep updated on the progress with getting Sherry reinstated.

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