What will hopefully be viewed as a good sense move in the state of Connecticut in regards to firearms heads to the Governor's desk.

No matter what your stance is on gun control, I can't imagine you don't think this is a common sense bill in regards to guns. In covering the news in the past few years, one of the stories that most gripped me came out of Oxford, Connecticut when Lori Jackson was murdered by her estranged husband, and her mom was critically injured in the crime.

In a story from the Hartford Courant, a bill that would require the surrender of all guns owned by a person subject to a temporary restraining order within 24 hours of the order being issued. The measure was proposed as an effort to protect victims of domestic violence from more harm. The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence has worked diligently to advocate on behalf of victims, and hopefully this bill will make a difference.

The bill is now headed to Governor Malloy's desk for signing.