Throughout the Summer, Route 34 in Newtown has been having work done. It is a heavily traveled area, so it needed the attention. Today I ran into more of the construction traffic and wanted to warn you, in case you travel that way.

The section in between Toddy Hill and the middle of the two overhead bridges was torn up, going towards the Monroe/Derby area. I was there around 11:45 a.m. and the traffic was a mess. It took quite a while to get off the highway and then when I was finally on 34 we sat for another ten minutes or so. The section was down to one lane and that's what was causing the traffic problem.

You could tell, even from in the car, tensions were rising in other vehicles.I do feel bad for the people working on the road and the police officers, because they have to deal with some nasty looks I'm sure, but they are just doing their jobs.

Since the road work was going on around lunch time, you might be safe for the drive home; they might only be working during the day. However, if you are planning on being in that area of Newtown around midday tomorrow, I would use one of the back roads. It will be much quicker that way.

To use some of the back roads to get around the congested area, get off exit 10 and follow Church Hill to the bottom in Sandy Hook Center. Here are the roads to take:

  • Church Hill straight across to
  • Riverside Rd. then right on
  • Philo Curtis then across (and to the left) onto
  • Jeremiah Rd. then right on
  • Bennets Bridge (ends at Route 34)

Since Route 34 is having more work done, I would keep the back roads in the back of your mind. Always handy to know how to get around the traffic!

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