I have always thought that Nelba Marquez-Greene was very well-spoken. Every piece I have read by her has been meaningful, powerful, strong, and emotional.

The name may sound familiar to you. She is one of the parents whose child was murdered on December 14, 2012, little 6-year-old Ana. She is one of the parents who have remained vocal about keeping our children and families safe from this violence.

After the shooting in Orlando, she sat down and wrote a letter to those affected by the shooting. It's just as powerful as any messages she has written before. I can't even begin to explain how much I admire this woman for her strength. It's impossible to know how a tragedy like this feels for the family, unless it has happened to you. It has happened to her, and she continues to reach out.

I will never, in a million years, understand how someone can have so much hate in their heart. To hate people you have never met, simply because of who they are is so foreign to me. It's scary and sad how some people are that hateful.

Thank goodness for the good people. There are lots of good people, and it shows each and every time we go through another tragedy.

Here is what Nelba wrote.

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