From an article in the NewsTimescomes word that Matthew Mills, the Sandy Hook Truther who was arrested for harassing the sisters of Sandy Hook slaying victim, Victoria Soto, was denied accelerated rehabilitation by Superior Court Judge William Holden.

Someone please explain to me how someone can call a mass shooting a hoax? That's exactly what happened on Nov. 7 when Matthew Mills approached Jillian Soto, the sister of slain Sandy Hook teacher, Victoria Soto, allegedly shoving a photo into Jillian's face while claiming there was no mass shooting and there was no such person as Victoria Soto.

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Jillian, with tears flowing, repeatedly asked Mills to leave her alone but police say he wouldn't let up until officers arrived. Mills ran off but was captured a short time later.

Victoria Soto was one of 26 who was gunned down during the Sandy Hook School Shootings in December of 2012. She died while protecting her students. Assistant State Attorney, Craig Nowak, told the NewsTimes, "He is entitled to his First Amendment rights; what he is not entitled to is to confront members of the Soto family before a charity race, shove a photo of their dead sister in their faces and harass them."

Mills will be back in court to face Judge Holden on March 2.

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