Seems like everyone wants to be a winner. A local Connecticut tribe is determined to not let go of the dream.

I'd ask the question, who knew the casino business was so competitive? But, I would deserve a resounding, "DUH Pam!" as the response. All we have to do is trace the history back to the very first casino in Old Vegas in 1931 to know our love of chance. Fast forward a few years, when gangster Bugsy Siegel took a major liking to the allure of Vegas. In 1941, the first major casino and hotel complex built on the Vegas strip, the El Rancho, opened.

It took 37 years for the siren call of gambling to hit the New Jersey Boardwalk. On my birthday, May 26, back in 1978, Resorts International opened in Atlantic City.

Fast forward many years, to Connecticut dipping it's toes into the casino waters. More recently, the big dust-up between Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, and MGM Resorts International over MGM's desire to build a major complex in Springfield, Massachusets, shows that it's pretty evident as to why the Kent-based Schaghticoke tribe is not giving up on their effort to open a casino somewhere in Western Connecticut.

According to a story in, the tribe is filing a lawsuit against the state of Connecticut over their being denied the ability to open a casino. This comes on the heels of the Schaghticokes thinking in 2015 that they were moving towards opening a casino. The Secretary of the State's office approved the tribe's formation of a company to develop one, but that registration approval decision was later reversed by the state.

Casinos are big business after all. How about a new game of chance called, "What would Bugsy do?"