You might have heard this week that three Newtown high school students were arrested for selling nude pics and videos to other students, which now makes it perfectly clear that sexting could lead to some major legal hassles. According to an article in the NewsTimes, police and school officials are afraid that students JUST DON'T GET IT! They don't understand the possible life-long consequences of sharing nude photos on their cell phones. Newtown Police Chief, James Viadero told the NewsTimes, "That's something that could follow you the rest of your life. At some point you could be looking for a job, an employer could find that material on the internet."

The book, "Kids Gone Wild" by Joel Best - Credit

Go ahead and take that chance, genius! The three Newtown students were arrested on felony child pornography charges, and 20 other students were referred to a juvenile review board. Unfortunately, teenagers don't often learn the sexting lesson until they've been caught, and the chances of getting caught go up each day.

Bethel's superintendent of schools, Christine Carver says, "Our job is to educate our children on how to protect themselves and their friends. They need to know what the consequences are and why it's not a good idea."

The book, "Felony Teen Sexting: America's Hidden Epidemic" by Justin O'Dinariman - Credit

Bethel High School principle, Chris Troetti also told the NewsTimes, "Unfortunately, with social media, it's such a quick action. They hit send so quickly and they can't take it back, but ultimately someone might be able to capture what they sent."

So, before you take that nudie photo of your girlfriend to sell it to the highest bidder, think about this. "Possession with intent to distribute or sell; Transportation; or Production of child pornography" has a MANDATORY 5 YEAR JAIL SENTENCE!