This week marks back to school time for students in Connecticut, New York Schools open next week after Labor Day. So what's the main concern of students heading back, especially those that are incoming college freshmen.

After a long summer vacation, schools in Connecticut are opening again this week, and for most students heading to the next level, college, there are some major concerns as they start a new experience.

Last spring the College Board, with some help from Seventeen Magazine, conducted a survey of graduating seniors.  More than 110,000 incoming college students where surveyed across the country to try and establish what's on their minds as they continue their education.

According to, the survey, which was conducted last April and May, when these students were still seniors, focused on their main concerns as they prepared for life at college.

The findings of this survey were ranked nationally, but were also broken down by state.

Here's what students in Connecticut had to say:

80 percent of graduating seniors said the biggest challenge facing them is the cost of college tuition and student loan debt, and 90 percent said they are "very or somewhat" concerned about going into debt after graduation.

51 percent said they planned to take out student loans, and 54% said the hardest part of the entire college process was figuring out how to get financial aid. Plus 69% of students say they plan to work while attending school.

The survey also found out that on average, students in Connecticut applied to six colleges or universities. Overall, more than 50 percent of high school seniors who responded to the survey were nervous about the social aspect of college.

29 percent of students who are going to dorm said they were nervous about making new friends, and despite the concern over tuition, one third of all who participated in this survey from Connecticut said they did not applied for any scholarships.

In case your wondering, most of the schools and Universities in Connecticut start this week.

  • Danbury August 28th
  • New Fairfield August 27th
  • Newtown August 26th
  • New Milford August 27th
  • Brookfield August 28th
  • Ridgefield August 29th
  • Bethel September 3rd

All New York Schools in Putnam and Dutchess County start up right after Labor Day on September 3rd.