But what about how warm and fuzzy you get when you snuggle with your pooch?

Every person I talked to before I wrote this told me they always hug their dog. Many of them even smooch the pooch, but that's a story for another day!

I don't currently have a dog, but I have hugged many in my time. And I do very clearly remember when I was 8 years old laying on my parents bedroom floor to hug our dog Rosy goodnight. Rosy bit me right in the face, over my eye, bled like a you - know - what. My mother freaked as you can imagine, and there was talk of what to do about Rosy. The vet told us that it was likely that she had been dreaming in her sleep and I scared her.

All these years later, turns out maybe we should stop with the hugs! An op-ed article in PsychologyToday.com, says that dogs get stressed when we hug them because they are can't run away. The piece goes on to point out a some physical signs that show when a dog is not into those hugs.

Since there are millions of dog lovers out there that want to keep the affection of a hug going with Fido, you should read the recently published follow up story in the Washington Post that goes on to say that there is no scientific proof of canines hating hugs.

My advice - steer clear of sticking your face in the dogs face when they are sleeping. Also, letting them sip wine off your tongue is not a good idea, but again, that's a story for another time.