Scott's Landscaping and Nursery located in New Milford, CT provides services and supplies for landscaping and hardscaping. They also run a garden shop and nursery on site, and with Spring finally here, it's time to tend to your garden. Check out their huge selection of plants and supplies at their six-acre facility.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to pick the best flowers for your flower bed.

1. Sunlight and Water - Most flowers flourish in sunlight, but there are some that may do better in a more shady area. Be sure to choose the right area in your garden for the flowers you have decided to plant. According to Scott's, it’s important that you plant where there is access to water so you can keep them watered and healthy.

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2. Pick before they peak - Once you decide which flowers you want in your garden, pick them up at the store before their peak. This means they have not bloomed yet and will bloom later on in your garden, according to

Scott's Landscaping and Nursery

3. Plant at the right time to enhance time and color - Planting at the right time can be the key to having your flowers change colors through the season as your flowers continue to grow.

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4. Pick plants that will flourish in your local ecology - You always want to be sure to pick plants that will grow properly in your local landscape. The Scott’s Landscaping staff can help you to pick the right flowers for your home. Transform your patio or pool area that sees plenty of sun with tropical plants.

Credit: Scott's Landscaping Facebook page

5. Pick the right type of flower to attract wildlife - Different types of flowers can attract different types of incests and even wildlife. For example, butterflies and humming birds tend to love flowers that are rich in nectar. In this case, you may want to plant certain flowers like Salvia and Bee Balm.

Credit: Scott's Landscaping Facebook page

Scott's Landscaping and Nursery offers both tropical and seasonal flowers. They also carry perennials as well annuals, so stop by anytime to see what’s in stock today. Just some of their flower offerings include:

  • Perennials - Hundreds of varieties
  • Annuals - All sizes and newest varieties
  • Hanging Baskets large and small
  • Vegetables - Organic, Heirlooms
  • Herbs - Perfect for your culinary use
  • Tropicals - Brighten up your entertaining areas
  • Proven Winners - Most beautiful garden performance
  • Trust our talented staff to make your garden look perfect. We’re happy to advise you on the best flowers for your yard, too. Call 860-350-8295 to speak with an expert landscape designer in New Milford, CT.

Be sure to visit Scott's Landscaping and Nursery through their website and Facebook page.