I've done a couple of posts about the Bronx Zoo, we're members and try to go as often as we can, but during the last trip, I looked around more. Usually, I am focused on which exhibits we are heading to next, but this time around, I took time to notice things I never noticed before.

While on the way to one of the exhibits, I noticed what looked like an old ticket booth that has been closed for quite some time. To the left of it was a clearly laid out queue line that looked like it had not been in use for as long as the ticket booth had been closed. That's what prompted me to pay more attention during this trip.

I showed my husband and our friends the ticket booth, and our friend said he thought it might be the old area for the Skyfari. This was a lift that, according to Wikipedia, took guests from the Zoo Center to the Asian Plaza. Due to budget cuts and a derailment of one of the cars, Skyfari closed in January 2009 after being open for 30 years. So, I don't know if these pictures are of the old Skyfari area or something else, but it was fun finding out information about the closed down attraction.

Photo Credit: Liz Kaye/ Looks like an old queue line
Photo Credit: Liz Kaye/ Close up of what is at the end of the possible old queue line

The other closed attraction is something that we actually have noticed many times while exploring the zoo. It's the old World of Darkness building.  This is a pretty cool looking building and it used to house nocturnal animals. This, too, was closed in 2009 because of the high cost associated with running the building and budget cuts. I've only ever seen one part of the building, but on Google Maps it looks like it is a horseshoe shaped building.

Image from Google Maps
Photo Credit: Liz Kaye/ Stairs Leading to the World of Darkness Building (Now Closed)
Photo Credit: Liz Kaye/ The World of Darkness Building (Now Closed)

Other exhibits that have closed at the Bronx Zoo:

  • The Monkey House (this had been in operation for 111 years!)
  • Rare Animal Range
  • Dinosaur Safari (this was a temporary exhibit)
  • Big Birds
  • Rare Animal Range
  • Amazing Amphibians

Wikipedia has a description for each of those closed exhibits.

Have you experienced any of these exhibits that are now closed?

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