It's Senior Prank season, boys and girls! This is when high school seniors feel the need to leave their mark before they graduate. It's kind of like a dog peeing to mark their territory.

One of our listeners reminisced about his senior prank, when they moved their principal's VW Bug onto a raft, and set it adrift on Candlewood Lake. Yesssss!

Credit: YouTube user, beetlejuice150

From a recent article in, the entire senior class at Kolbe Cathedral High School were asked to go home and change because they had all come to school dressed in their jammies for senior prank day.

Back in June of 2014, Southington High School seniors didn't skip school to go to the beach on senior prank day, instead, they brought the beach to school! They dumped some sand in the parking lot, brought their beach chairs and beach balls, and dressed up in beach wear.

Here's one of the best senior pranks of 2016 when McNeil High School seniors in Colorado brought in 20,000 balloons!

Back in May of 2013, Tolland High School seniors decided it would be a fun idea to spray silly string and shaving cream along with throwing eggs and marbles through the halls of Tolland High to leave their mark. Some of those Tolland seniors faced disciplinary action.

In an article in, teen therapist, Mindy Utay, summed it up by saying, "As long as it doesn't get out of control, I think it's healthy."