He walked away from a Georgia prison camp in 1968 and settled in Sherman, Connecticut taking the name, Bob Gordon. Robert Gordon was only an alias for his real name, Robert Stackowitz.

According to CBS News, Stackowitz was sentenced to 17 years in prison for his part in an armed robbery, but after only two years into his sentence, on August 22, 1968, he simply walked away from the Carrol County Prison Work Camp in Georgia.

He hitched a ride to Atlanta, where he hopped on a plane, and ended up settling in Sherman, CT. Life was good for Stackowitz for 48 years, as he ran his boat repair business, but then he made a crucial mistake.

Stackowitz's mistake was filing for social security benefits, according to an article in the NewsTimes. The US Marshal Service tracked him down, and he was apprehended in May of this year.

Then, in October of 2016, a judge dismissed a "fugitive from justice" charge that would have ordered Stackowitz back to Georgia to face those charges. He was granted a medical reprieve due to his worsening medical condition from cancer, heart problems, emphysema, and diabetes.

This past weekend, Stackowitz was taken to Danbury Hospital, where his health deteriorated quickly, and sadly, Robert Stackowitz passed away.