As Mindy and I slowly approached the trail for the hike up alongside Kent Falls, we couldn't believe what we were seeing.

Apparently, I've been in denial about drought conditions in Connecticut during 2016. We've lived in Connecticut since 1979, and have visited Kent Falls State Park at least a dozen times in those 37 years. The gushing waters cascading down the falls had disappeared to just a trickle of water.

Kent Falls - Ethan Photo

With all the hideous crap going on all over the world along with the possibility that a mentally ill individual could be our next president, I've decided to focus my attention on the severe drought conditions here in Connecticut. According to, the peach crop has been pretty much wiped out. Some Connecticut homeowners that depend on wells for their water have been impacted, not to mention woodlands and the risk of fire because of the dry conditions.

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According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, the 2012 drought caused eighty billion dollars worth of damage. Climate change and global warming will increase the chance of drought conditions in certain regions of the U.S. in the years to come. Wait, I forgot that there's no such thing as global warming and climate change, so if we just ignore it then maybe it will go away or we can write it off as, "It Is what it is."

I talked with the park rangers at Kent Falls, and they told me they hadn't seen the falls this dry in 14 years.

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