If you ask me, I'm still a huge fan of hitting the mall or shopping local, but a huge portion of the population loves to shop from the comfort of their home. Another choice has arrived in Connecticut.

I'm a real touchy-feely kind of shopper. I like to see it, feel it, try it on, read a label, etc. I even have Amazon Prime, and rarely use it. So, obviously, I'm not the market they are shooting for here, but I'm betting a lot of you are.

Courant.com recently reported that Google Express, the same-day delivery service looking to compete with similar services like Amazon Prime, has started service along the East Coast.

Google Express spins their service a bit differently by partnering with local and national companies that may not typically delivery as fast as other online marketplaces, such as Amazon. For a listing of companies, as well as the deal they are running thru Oct. 31, visit to google.com/express

I see you shopping in your underwear!