Wouldn't we want to protect our children any way we could?

I know that sometimes we try to over protect our kids. The world on a whole is so much scarier than when most of us were growing up. News of children being snatched from their homes, walks, playgrounds, etc. have dominated the news more and more. It does lend itself to wanted to put your kid in a bubble I'm sure.

The one thing that I think most of us never considered is the trust we have when put our children on the school bus. We all buckle up when we get in our car, or, at least, should be. So, why aren't we demanding our children buckle up on a school bus? I don't have kids, but my gut tells me I'd be fighting for this hard!

Of course, it's costly. Each bus costs around $90,000, and another $10,000 would be added to install seat belts. But, it still boggles my mind that it just isn't mandatory. That may soon change. According to the Courant.com, based on a recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board of Connecticut, lawmakers are once again talking about a plan.

When I read the story in the Courant, what was glaringly obvious to me was the cost. Really, over the years of this discussion, the bottom line to not doing it has always come around to the cost versus how many incidents. We have progressed forward in this country in so many ways on how to protect our children from predators. Now, we need to figure out how to protect them from legislators.