I've never heard of Matt Farley before this past weekend. He's recorded and released thousands of songs about cities and towns. Each song has a simple band track backing his vocals. It seems his idea was to Google a city, take a couple of notable landmarks, sing about the city and its landmarks, and release the track.

Here's the one he wrote for my City -- Waterbury:

This song gives props to Town Clerk Chick Spinelli, Police and Fire Chiefs Riddick and Martin, Holy Land, and the often overlooked Overlook neighborhood. Bravo, Mr. Farley.

Recently, Farley garnered national attention and appeared on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, where he sang an ode to buildings that used to be Pizza Huts.

Farley has a website, it's Moternmedia.com. For the low price of $44, Farley will croon a song about almost anything. Fast, slow, funny, serious, basically whatever you're in the market for.

I scoured Waterburyct.org, Wikipedia, and searched high and low, but couldn't come up with the official song of Waterbury, CT. What do you think residents of The Brass City? Should we bring this to Mayor O'Leary's attention?