Have you ever noticed that local TV meteorologists block Danbury with their butts when they stand in front of the TV weather map?

Hello meteorologist guy, Danbury here! We live in Connecticut too! I write many blogs for i95rock.com, and for the I-95 Facebook page. It's not only a part of my job here at I-95, but I love doing it. Here's my issue, almost all of the information on restaurants, things to do, food, reviews on anything, etc. are all centered around southern Fairfield County and the coastline. It's like the Greater Danbury Area is an afterthought.

I realize that Danbury, CT is not a vacationland destination like Mystic, the Connecticut shoreline, and all the posh oceanside resorts, but it's, by no means, Deliverance country! Suweeeeeeee!

We've got some cool stuff too, like CityCenter Danbury, the ritziness of Ridgefield, and all of the new restaurants on restaurant row on Mill Plain Rd. in Danbury.

The CityCenter Danbury Green - I-95 Archive Photo

We've got a flagpole in the middle of Rt.25 in Newtown, army tanks on the New Milford Green, the Ives Concert Park, a large number of exceptional restaurants, and bridges under Candlewood Lake.

A bridge still standing beneath Candlewood Lake at Orchard Point.

C'mon, Guy Fieri from the Food Network, have you attempted to produce an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives from the Danbury wilderness? We have a load of restaurants to choose from.

Hey Connecticut Magazine, could one of your "expert" reviewers from "The Best Restaurants In Connecticut" issue make the hour long drive, and possibly review a sampling of what our area restaurants have to offer?

American Pie Restaurant in Sherman - Ethan's Photos

And don't even get me started on the fact that we've got Candlewood Lake up here! All I'm asking, is that the websites that write about Connecticut, don't forget about us up here in northwestern Connecticut. Thank You!

Yet Another Candlewood Lake Sunset - Ethan Carey's Photos