One of my all-time pet peeves is sitting in traffic!

Before the state decided to widen Route 7 do you remember the never-ending line of traffic you had to sit through before you made the right onto Rt. 202/Bridge St.? It was absolutely brutal! After the turn as you approach the downtown section of New Milford, you'll see the two traffic lights in the photo above.

Don't get me wrong. I love New Milford but those two lights, one at West St. and the other at Railroad St. are freaky and I'll tell you why. Have you ever tried to make a left or right from West St. onto Bridge St.? The light never turns green! I'm sitting there impatiently waiting for the light to change when cars to my left stop all of a sudden and there I am trying to decide if I can now make that turn as my light goes from red to flashing red. But wait, there's more! Cars are still turning right onto Bridge St. from Railroad coming right at me as I make my turn. It's nuts to butts I tell ya!

West St. Traffic Light at West and Bridge St. New Milford - Instant Google Streetview

Good news New Milfordites! According to New Milford Public Works, the Connecticut Department of Transportation and NYConn, the signal timing changes and traffic pattern changes that revolve around those two traffic lights will go into effect very soon which means Bridge St. traffic will flow much more smoothly.