Sad news came for many workers in Connecticut yesterday.

Sikorsky Aircraft is such a big part of Connecticut history. Founded in 1925 by Igor Skiorsky, the company moved to Stratford in 1929. It's had a long and varied history in aviation and the company remains one of the leading helicopter manufacturers. But times have certainly been difficult in manufacturing and contract work. The hammer has fallen again at Sikorsky, with a major amount of lay-offs coming at three of their Connecticut locations yesterday.

In a story from, Sikorsky Aircraft is cutting 150 jobs, and most of them coming to their operations in Connecticut. Over 100 of the job cuts happened in the state yesterday. Sadly, it may not be the end of the job loss with Sikorsky in Connecticut. According to, repairs to the current fleet of Marine One helicopters, the ones that transport the president of the United States, no longer will be done in the state. That's because negotiations between Sikorsky Aircraft and the U.S. Navy fell through.

I know not every helicopter is built by Sikorsky Aircraft, but honestly every time I see a 'copter in the sky, I smile thinking it might be. And you don't get much more iconic than the Black Hawk Helicopter. Sikorsky is so synonymous with Connecticut that this recent downturn is very sad.