Being a part of a radio station, especially this radio station, you need to be a beer lover. But what does one who does not like the taste of beer but loves the station events do? Where there is a will, there is a way, and I am not a quitter.

Our International Food and Beer Festival is at Danbury's City Center Green on Saturday, June 11. There will be lots of great international foods, lots of amazing international music, and, yes, of course, lots of beer from all over the world.

These station events are always so much fun, even if you are not a beer lover, but I wanted to dive in more. I felt it was my duty as Program Director of KICKS 105.5 to like beer. I needed to embrace beer, so to speak. Become one with the barley and hops.

How did that work out for me? Well, hey look, I did find some beer that I actually like. Yes, of course, it's fruity, and my husband will tell you, "that's not real beer". But, here's the thing that I figured out - you don't need to actually like "real beer". I can like fruity beer, and if you have to stick a lime in it, to me, it's still beer.

So, hand me a fruity beer, let me hear those steel drums, and put some Lebanese food in that plate. If you don't try something, you'll never know if you like, or love it. It's all about having a good time, and, you know, with a festival like this, you will have a blast with or without a lime in your mug.

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