With the official first day of winter coming up on December 21st, and a few small storms already affecting our morning commute, I was wondering what kind of a snow season we're going to have this year.

Now, if I could make that kind of prediction, I'd be at Mohegan Sun raking in the big bucks, so I turned to the one man who knows more about the weather in our area then anyone -- our meteorologist Bill Jacquemin.

ct weather center image

I asked Bill some key questions to try and get an idea of what we can expect this winter for Connecticut and New York.

Q: How much snow do we usually get each winter?

Bill: Normally we get anywhere between 50-60 inches of snow each winter. Even when the winter is mild, like last year, we still will get a few storms that dump significant snow.

Q: What can we expect in the way of snow fall this winter?

Bill: This winter should be pretty normal. There are no indications right now that the snow totals will be above or below normal.

Q: When does the snow season start and end around here?

Bill: You can expect heavier snow and higher totals anytime from late December through early March.

Q: When do we usually get the biggest storms?

Bill: The risk for major storms usually happens during the first ten days of February. That's the time when we see the biggest storms and blizzards.

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

There you have it. Sometime this winter it will snow around here. I'm sure you already know that, but how much is anyone's guess. So be ready to run out for your milk and bread at anytime, and look at the bright side -- only 13 more weeks until spring!

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