No matter where you live, whether it be in the deep south or New England, there are always some deep, dark secrets lurking in your town's past.

According to the, there are a bunch of odd things that have gone on in Connecticut. Check these out!

1. Dan Town in Stamford - This colonial community sat between Stamford and New Canaan. In 1923, the town was flooded by the water company to create the Laurel Hill Reservoir. Sound familiar? It's been told that during periods of drought, you're able to see glimpses of stone walls and dirt roads.

2. Pickled Brains - According to there's a 550 human brain collection in a custom-built room at Yale's medical library. Neurosurgeon Harry Cushing preserved the brains from 1902-1932.

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3. Puppet Collection - Have you ever in your life wanted to pursue a degree in puppetry? Yeah, me neither. I'm not judging, but it just sounds a bit creepy to me. Did you know that UCONN is one of the only schools in the country that offers a degree in puppetry? The UCONN Storrs campus is the home to 2,500 puppets from all over the world which are on display at The Ballard Institute & Museum of Puppetry.

4The Jewitt City Vampires Back in the mid 1800s, the Rays, a family from Jewitt, CT saw four family members die from Tuberculosis over a nine year period. They came to the conclusion their dead relatives were rising from the grave to feast on the blood of the living. What to do? They dug up the rest of the deceased Ray's ancestors and burned their already dead bodies. The population of Jewitt City was now able to sleep at night knowing that were measures taken to keep the dead, dead.

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5. The Melon Heads - The story is told that way back when, in the towns of Milford, Trumbull, Seymour, and Monroe there was a group of melon headed shaped mutants who escaped from a mental asylum and/or a lost colony of inbred mountain folks. I haven't been able to locate any eye witnesses to aforementioned melon headed shaped mutants, so I'm going to call this one an urban legend. If you feel you need to check it out for yourself, there are three roads you might want to check out, Zion Hill Road in Milford, Velvet Street in Trumbull, and Saw Mill City Rd. in Shelton. If you actually see a mutant with a large melon head, let us know. Remember, if you see something, say something!