Froggy's Deli, deliciously located at 253 Route 100 in Somers has magnificent news for those who love to party through the wee hours.

According to the Putnam Daily Voice, Froggy's added a pizzeria to their storefront shop about 18 months ago. Froggy's was a crowd pleaser when they launched because of their exceptional specialty sandwiches like the Goliath, which is a chicken cutlet, bacon, egg and cheese, hash browns and hot sauce. It's actually breakfast colliding head-on with lunch on a grinder!

Here comes the big news, Froggy's has become so popular, they are now open for 24 hours on the weekends from 4:30 am on Friday until 5:00pm on Sunday, just in case you need a bacon, egg, and cheese with hash browns at 3 am. I have never heard of such a thing!

Yelp reviewers give Froggy's Pizzeria and Deli a 4.75/5 and Google reviewers check-in with a 4.4/5 plus many of the reviewers say that the pizza is outrageous too! They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and reviewers write that the service is awesome.