One of the reasons that I love Today's New Country music is because there is always something new, fresh and fun every single week. Being on the air at KICKS 105.5 has given me a lot of opportunity to be with some well-known and extremely talented artists. It has also allowed me to see some not-so-well-known but equally talented artists. When you think about it, if it weren't for American Idol, we might never had known who Carrie Underwood is. She might still be in Checotah on her parents farm far away from the superstar life she leads now.

This is Southbury Connecticut's Mike Collins performing an original song called "Booty Shakin'" live in the Kicks studio.

He is not only an amazing artist, he is a great guy. He and his wife, Shauna, are the very proud parents of adorable 8-month-old Brayden. They came to visit me yesterday in the KICKS 105.5 studio, that's all of us in the picture above.

Mike will be performing at our Antigua Trip Giveaway Party this Tuesday night at Las Mananitas in Brewster, NY. Keep an eye on him. Someday, you will see him at the Country Music Awards and you'll say, "hey, wait a minute, I know this guy."

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