Where will you get your Chuck Taylors?

First, I'm not much of a sports person. Second, while I have an Imelda Marcos amount of shoes, not many of them are sneakers. Third, this girl does love her Chuck Taylor cons, and Sports Authority was my go-to spot to get them.

Now, back to the "I'm not much of a sports person" comment. When I needed most anything sports related, I really liked going to Sports Authority. Big enough to have what I was looking for, but not so big as to overwhelm me.

Sadly, many of their stores in Connecticut will be closing. According to the NewsTimes, Sports Authority is closing its Danbury, North Haven and Bridgeport locations. They are actually planning to close up, or sell off, 140 stores over the next three months. On the upside, for those of us that like to shop there, Sports Authority is keeping open the Hartford, Waterbury and Norwalk stores.

I see a road trip in my future for more Chucks!

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