I can just leave it right there with that headline and take some allergy medication, crawl up into a ball and stick myself in a plastic bubble until summer and stop whining. Or, since I am fluent in Sarcasm, I can write a snarky blog about the season that I hate the most. I'm sure a lot of my fellow allergy sufferers will agree with me.

Before you start getting all over me about the beautiful flowers and warmer days, let me throw in some muddy fields and lovely allergies. I'm all for the warmer weather, so let's go straight to summer. Do we really need Spring? These plants and trees have had the entire winter off. In fact, they go dormant (aka "vacation") waaaaay before winter. What's the problem here? They have been doing what they do for centuries. Do they really need to emit all of their pollens in to the air for my lungs to say, "NOPE"? You would think they would have figured out some sort of pollen septic system. When you think about it, they rule the earth with their underground and undersea tunnels and who knows what else?

Stay tuned for my comments on bees. I'd tell you now, but I have to find some Claritin.

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