You may have heard me talking about this yesterday morning on Kicks 105.5. If you've been waiting in line for weeks to see the new Star Wars movie, there's a good chance you know more about the movie then anything else, and we have proof.


Not surprisingly, fans waiting in line for "The Force Awakens" know a lot more about "Star Wars" than they do about politics or current events.  A guy from tested fans' knowledge, and a handful of them came up short.

Several of them could name a member of the Galactic Senate, but not a single member of the U.S. SENATE. Another guy knew that a "Tauntaun" is the creature that Luke and Han Solo used to keep warm on the ice planet Hoth . . . But he did NOT know at what temperature WATER BOILS.  (For the record, it's 100° C or 212° F).

Check out the video, you may, or may not be surprised by the answers.


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