Stew Leonard Jr. told the NewsTimes, "We feel like we have a very safe environment at Stew's with security guards and over 100 security cameras." He went on to say, "Obviously we don't want anyone coming in with an unconcealed weapon, but we've decided to follow federal and state laws regarding guns," which means that Stew Leonard's will not be asking their customers to leave their guns at home when they shop.

Supporters of Michigan's Open Carry Law - Credit Bill Pugliano

Connecticut state law allows individuals with a permit to carry firearms in public, but individuals have the right to ask their patrons to leave their guns at home. Following the horrific shootings in Sandy Hook, Starbucks asked their customers not to bring their firearms. Target and Whole Foods soon followed with the same request.

Last week, a Redding woman decided to boycott Caraluzzi's Bethel food market after seeing a man with a holstered weapon on his hip. Big Y has also been boycotted. Stew Leonard Jr. told the NewsTimes that it hasn't been an issue so far, but if it does, they will address it then. Click here for my original blog on the subject