After three and a half years, Sandy Hook students were welcomed home to the brand new Sandy Hook Elementary School.  

According to during a tour of the new school last month, Newtown First Selectman, Pat Llodra said:

Our focus was always, always to bring our students and teachers home to our community.

The original building was torn down in 2013. According to, a local psychiatrist said that the thought of going back into that old building was just too overwhelming. That article also states that the designers of the new building made sure there were specific security features like windows and walls that were thick enough to withstand gunfire. The new school was also designed with therapeutic elements aimed at both students and teachers so that the healing could continue.

The State of Connecticut generously gave the town $50,000,000 to build the 87,000 square-foot school. About three dozen students of the 390 expected to occupy the new school were students at the time of the shootings. Around 60% of the faculty will also be returning. The new building features three courtyards, study areas made to simulate tree houses, and a moat-like rain garden. The firm that designed the school, Svigals and Partners, met with community members to make the construction a collaborative project. Monday was the first day of classes at the new Sandy Hook Elementary School.