Traffic in Newtown was a bit of a nightmare on Wednesday evening. There was a huge police presence on Wasserman Way, blocking traffic, and now I know why.

According to the Newtown Bee, Timothy Lockhart of New Hampshire stopped at Berkshire Motors (across from Newtown High School) and told them that he wanted to kill himself. He then got into his car and left.

Police were notified and headed to the area to look for the car. Lockhart stopped the car and he threatened to hurt himself multiple times while in the car. The Danbury-based police SWAT team came in to help and they set off a small explosion in an attempt to distract Lockhart. The police had to use a taser to "neutralize the man," but he was eventually apprehended and taken to Danbury Hospital.

Police do intend to file charges against Lockhart, according to Police Chief James Viadero.

The high school was in lock-in for a little while, but that was lifted and the kids were able to go home.

I was on my way to pick up my kids in Newtown and saw the amount of police officers responding. It was intense and, to be honest, very scary. When you see that many police officers in one place and they have areas blocked off (as well as an off ramp from 84) you tend to think the worst.

I am glad that no one was injured, I am glad that there was no threat to anyone else, and I am glad that Lockhart is (hopefully) getting the help he needs.

Danbury, Woodbury, and state police came to help with the situation. About 50 police officers responded to the scene. Thank you, thank you, thank you, to all the police officers who responded. Thank you for keeping the community safe.

For the full story see the article from The Newtown Bee.

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