Sometimes the power of social media can be just the thing needed to save someone's life.

Just before 7 AM on Tuesday morning (October 4) the Danbury Police Department received a call from a very concerned citizen who claims to have read a disturbed Facebook post from a man who lives on Garfield Avenue. According to a press release from the DPD, the social media post is said to have indicated that the adult male was suicidal, and may have been in possession of a gun.

Officers say that when they arrived at the man's home on Garfield Ave., they found the man in the backyard alone with a rifle pointed at his head. Reacting swiftly, and with poise, the Danbury officers set up a perimeter around the property, preventing any outside interference that may have further alarmed the man in danger. As a precaution, nearby Immaculate High School and the Pope John Paul Center were placed on lock-down.

The Danbury Police ESU and Crisis Negotiators responded to the situation and were successful, as the suicidal male surrendered his weapon peacefully and was admitted into Danbury Hospital for evaluation.

Another job well done by the Danbury Police Department, crisis negotiators, and other emergency responders for handling such a delicate situation successfully.