I've been through it and survived - barely - and it's happening again for hundreds of unsuspecting parents. Today (August 25) is move in day at Western Connecticut State University. What fun!

Now, I don't care how many times you've thought about it, or that you've planned it out for weeks in advance. I don't care that you have packed everything your son or daughter has ever owned into the allotted two or three bins from Walmart. There's nothing that can compare to the actual event of moving them into college for the first time - or the second time, or even the third time.

I've been there, done that, and there's nothing that gets you prepared for this event. The only thing that rivals the stress level is when you actually move yourself from one house to another, but then again, that's only you, your family and maybe the movers.

This moving experience involves you and your spouse, who, may I add, is an emotional mess (especially if this is your first offspring to leave the nest) and the college-bound "Child of the Corn". I say this, because this is the type of character Stephen King had in mind when he wrote the story. It also involves your son or daughters' roommate, and hundreds of other incoming students who have picked the exact same time as you to arrive on campus. Can someone tell me why there's only one elevator for 400 people?!

So, let's just say you survived the gridlock of cars fighting for the closest parking spot, and you've survived the initial stampede. Let's also say you got real lucky, and have actually commandeered one of the two baskets-on-wheels that the college GENEROUSLY designates for the entire campus' use, so you don't have to lug all that stuff up four flights of stairs. Can we also add that you're actually still speaking to each other after you've gotten all that stuff into the half-closet in the room that's provided for 4-5 months worth of clothes? Well, then your ready for the most difficult task of all. You're expected to do an instant disappearing act that would rival anything David Copperfield did in one of his Vegas Shows, just so that you're not seen with the now too-cool-for-the-room college student.

Alright, maybe it's not all that bad. Wait, yes it is, but it's a right of passage. Not just for your highly intellectual college student (that intellect starts the minute they cross the threshold to the dorm room), but for you as parents as well.

So, savor the moment and the memories, because as Seals and Crofts once said in one of their songs back in the 70s, "We May Never Pass This Way Again" -- and maybe that's a good thing.

Happy move-in day, and have a great school year.

- Mr. Morning

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