With our 3rd Annual Brews and BBQ Festival coming up on May 14th at The Ives Concert Park in Danbury I figured it would be a good time to test your BBQ IQ.


Thanks to BuzzFeed.com here are some things I bet you didn’t know about BBQ, so you can test your BBQ IQ.


  • 1

    Two different cities each claim to be the BBQ Capital of America.

    Memphis, TN. and Kansas City, MO. are both home to giant competitive barbecue tournaments, so you would think one would hold the title. That's not the case however as Lexington, NC somehow managed to earn the title of “BBQ Capital of America”

  • 2

    BBQ’s are a Long Standing Presidential Tradition.

    Lyndon B. Johnson threw the first White House barbecue to feature “Texas-style” ribs, and Jimmy Carter hosted a “pig-pickin’” for 500 people.

  • 3

    The Worlds Longest BBQ Lasted 80 Hours.

    In Georgia, Jan Greeff cooked 1,000 hot dogs, 200 pieces of corn, and more to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

  • 4

    The Worlds Largest BBQ had over 45,000 People.

    The record holding event took place in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

  • 5

    There’s an Actual Way to Measure BBQ Heat With Your Hand.

    Next time you float your hand over your grill, do it with a purpose. If you really need to know how hot the grill is, hold your palm five inches above the grill and count the number of seconds before you feel the urge to yank it away.