Say it ain't so. There's a new study that just came out that say's that the food that your co workers are nice enough to bring in for everyone, could actually be doing you a lot more harm then good.

Now I'm all for 'free food'. It's actually one of the perks of this business, however I think from now on I'm going to be a lot more careful when I head into the office kitchen.

If your office is like ours, a few times a week someone is always nice enough to bring in some 'free stuff' for the staff to enjoy. You know the stuff we're talking about. Bagels, Cookies, Pastries, Cakes, etc. According to a new study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionthat food that's brought into the workplace by employees to share with others isn't healthy at all and tends to have lots of solid fats and added sugars. The food that your so happy to see in the break room or kitchen is also loaded with high amounts of sodium and refined grains.

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The study, the first of it's kind ever, surveyed over 5000 people and the foods that they brought into work to share with their co-workers, (the free food).

The study also found that of the average worker consumed more then 1,300 calories weekly, and 70% of those calories came from free food.

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Houston, we have a problem. We love free food, but does the bad really outweigh the good? I guess the answer is yes, so what can be done? The study suggests that employers may want to consider healthy meeting policies to encourage healthy food options at meetings and social events, but come on, which would you rather have, a bagel with shmear, or a kale salad, I think you know which one we would choose.

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