What kind of job do you have? Are you always stressing and bringing work home or do you leave everything behind at the end of the work day? 

Just recently, one of my best friends looked at me and said, "You are one of the happiest people I know!"

For the last 38 years, I've worked a job that allows me to play in a giant grownup sandbox. I get to talk on the radio, play rock n' roll music, and talk and laugh with one of my best friends. He also happens to be one of the most annoying, yet funniest human beings I'll ever know. The two of us have been given the responsibility to make radio listeners smile, chuckle, or even laugh out-loud as they drive into work every morning.

I also have some very good friends who are incredibly driven and spend many more than 40 hours a week at their jobs -- sometimes at the office and sometimes that work comes home with them. They're focused, they're motivated, and they go above and beyond what they need to do, and they're compensated very well because of their work ethic.

A recent article at glassdoor.com highlighted which jobs are best for an even balance between work and life outside of the office. Here are ten of those careers: