Typically, regions in the United States have just four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Not our area. Both the Greater Danbury, and Hudson Valley regions have many more.

If you've lived here for any amount of time, you’re privy to the fact that four seasons are not enough to categorize the weather here. In one week alone, we might even have all four normal seasons. For example, you’ll be wearing shorts on Monday and shoveling snow from the sidewalk Saturday.

Let me preface my list by saying that "third winter" is what we're going through right now. What’s a sure sign that you're in third winter? The daffodils and crocuses in your yard are covered in snow. "Fake fall" is when the kids go back to school, and it’s usually followed by some sweltering days — "bummer summer." The kids can’t even enjoy the warm weather because they’re sweating it out in school with no air conditioning.

So here’s the comprehensive list we’ve compiled of the area’s 11 seasons:

  • Winter
  • 2-Day Spring Tease
  • Second Winter
  • Fake Spring
  • Third Winter
  • Season of Mud
  • Spring the Real Thing
  • Super Hot Summer
  • Fake Fall
  • Bummer Summer
  • Legit Fall

Please let us know if we missed anything here.

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