Everybody's always looking for a new way to get in shape, seems like there's a new workout fad every week. Well this workout may revolutionize the way you exercise from now on.

I came up with this idea watching the Presidential address to Congress on Tuesday night. My son and I were sitting there, he hadn't done his daily workout yet, and I noticed that every five seconds after the President said something positive, the entire chamber got up, clapped and then sat down.

If you were counting, they did this 94 times during the hour and change speech. Then the idea hit me !!!! Why not do the same thing, get up, clap and sit down. If you do it enough it's gotta be a good thing. Your working your core, and it's actually some cardio too. I even gave it a name...."The Address to Congress Workout".

So I had to give it a trial run, and used Suzy as my test subject.

So what do you think ? This may actually catch on, and it's fun too. Try it for 30 day's, if your not completely satisfied with your results.....then just stop doing it.


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