I find it difficult most days to watch the news because of all the crap going on all over the world. So, sometimes I need to find the beauty and the good in my own backyard. Out of hundreds of my photos, I picked 10 to show the awesomeness of Connecticut.

1. Candlewood Lake - It's no secret that our party barge, "Radio Waves" on Candlewood Lake is our main source of summer fun, but when Autumn rolls around, there is absolutely nothing that compares with Connecticut's foliage, especially on the lake.

Candlewood Lake(October 2015) - Ethan's Photos

2. and 3. Mohegan Sun & Foxwoods Casinos -   Even though casinos and gambling are not myself and Mindy's thing, we have two gorgeous casinos in Connecticut, the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort and Foxwoods Casino Resort, which offer everything from high end shopping, outstanding accommodations, every kind of restaurant for every kind of appetite, and amazing concert venues.

Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino - Getty Images
Foxwoods Resort and Casino - Getty Images

4. Small TownsOne of the attractions of living in Connecticut is the quaint New England small town feel of towns like Ridgefield, Bethel, Newtown, and one of my favorites, New Milford.

Main Street in New Milford - Google Street View

5. The Maritime Aquarium at NorwalkOne of the Top 25 Aquariums in the country is the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk. Not only is the aquarium a perfect place to take your kids, but their Imax theater is six stories tall. There is nothing like watching a Rolling Stones documentary and witnessing Keith Richards playing a guitar riff and spitting out his cigarette on a six story screen!

Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk - Getty Images

6. The Danbury Fair MallEven though the "Great Danbury Fair" was torn down to attract shoppers to the Greater Danbury area, the Danbury Fair Mall is one of the most impressive high end malls in New England.

Danbury Fair Mall - Getty Images

7. Mystic Seaport - Located in Groton, the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Connecticut. Mystic Seaport is the leading maritime museum in the country and is a must-see.

Mystic Connecticut - Getty Images

8. The Newtown Flag Pole - There is a long history associated with the Newtown Flag Pole which you can read about if you click this link. The most recent flag pole on Newtown's main street was constructed on January 20, 1950 when a hole 12 feet deep and 7 feet in diameter was dug and the 100 foot high flag pole was laid and remains today.

The Newtown Flag Pole - Google Instant View

9. Down the Hatch Restaurant  - If you own a boat on Candlewood Lake, you've most likely spent the good part of a Summer afternoon drinkin' some beers with some friends and gazing out at Candlewood Lake. I believe Mindy and I have treated ourselves to cocktails and dinner so often over the summer at "The Hatch," we've put the owner's kids through college.

10. Lake Compounce Amusement Park - Opened in 1846, Lake Compounce is the oldest amusement park in America. Over the years, the park has been modernized to make it the most sought after amusement park in New England.

Lake Compounce Amusement Park in Bristol - Google Instant View

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