Some of the best lunches I've ever enjoyed have come courtesy of road food. Road Food, defined as an establishment that's close to the road like a diner or food truck.

The following are some of the best Food Trucks in the greater Danbury area.

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    Everyone I've talked with says that if you love a perfect San Diego style burrito, and who doesn't, the Green Grunion food truck is the only place to find it. You can find them parked on Christopher Columbus Circle near Kenosia Park in Danbury. Call 858-926-6263.


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    Lisamarie Ault was the private chef to Seagram's magnate billionaire, Edgar Bronfman for 20 years until he passed in 2013. Out of a job, she decided to purchase an old Fed Ex truck which she turned into a food truck she calls, Paradise Foods. Lisamarie also owns her own catering company but still travels in her Paradise food truck when the weather cooperates. You can usually find her at the Elephants Trunk Flea Market on Sunday mornings. Some will tell you you haven't lived until you've chowed down on her Wake and Bacon breakfast sandwich or her Devil Dog.

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    Tony's Dog House sits right on 330 Main Street in downtown Danbury, and features steak sandwiches, smoked kielbasa, and Italian sausage with peppers and onions. Now, that's some good eatin'!

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    Weenie Lynn's food truck doesn't just rest at one location throughout the summer season. Last year it was a part of several special events around the Danbury area including several of the Summer Concert Series in CityCenter Danbury, at the Ives Concert Park, and at CT Militia football games on Saturday nights. Weenie Lynn's features their quarter pound hot dogs, chili cheese fries, and gourmet grilled cheese! Mmmmmmm!

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    You can find the Tivoli Mobile Pizza Truck at 79 Newtown Road in Danbury. For more info on availability or where they're going to be, call 203-667-3512.

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