A popular football coach has passed away. He was a coach for many years and will be missed by many.

According to Game Time CT, Tom Fujitani was on a fishing trip at Candlewood Lake this past Saturday when he passed away. He coached Wilton for 32 seasons, and Game Time CT lists all of his impressive accomplishments in their article. The current Wilton Coach, Bruce Cunningham, spoke about all the life lessons that Fujitani gave throughout his career, and that he is going to miss him.

According to the Bethel Patch, Fujitani worked with the Bethel Wildcats until his sudden death. He was an assistant coach at the school. The Patch also reports that Fujitani had triple bypass surgery in 1996, and was experiencing some heart trouble recently.

I did not know Mr. Fujitani, but from the articles I have read about him it sounds like he is going to be greatly missed by a lot of people. Thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, colleagues, and students.

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