Why was the Big E named one of the best state fairs in the country? I think you know why.

The online media website, Thrillist.com has just released their blue ribbon awards for the 7 Best State Fairs in these United States and The Big E deservedly made the list!

The Big E - Google Instant Street View

What makes the Big E one of the most celebrated state fairs in the nation? I'll tell you why— the FOOD! Everything you wouldn't touch if you were dieting is featured at The Big E in triple XL size. For example, their legendary Big E Cream Puffs can feed a family of four.

Cream Puff - Amazon.com

Rumour has it that Big E fans from all over New England starve themselves for 48 hours in anticipation for not only the world's best Cream Puffs but their Fried Butter Balls, Ultimate Cowboy Nachos, their BBQ Brisket Sundaes, Fried Oreos, Jellybeans, and Fried Kool-Aid— The Big E doesn't mess around. They say it right on their website.

If you can think of something to deep fry, we've probably done it!

Bob Ingelhart/TSMedia Center - Fried Ice Cream

The other 6 award-winning state fairs in America according to Thrillest.com. are:

  1. The State Fair of Texas (9/28-10/31)
  2. Minnesota State Fair (8/23-9/3)
  3. Great New York State Fair (8/22-9/3)
  4. Iowa State Fair (8/9-8/19)
  5. Wisconsin State Fair (8/2-8/12)

The Big E  goes from September 14 - 30, 2018 at 1305 Memorial Ave. in West Springfield Massachusetts.

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