The Old Newgate Prison in Granby was used to house POWs from the American Revolutionary War.

From an article at comes the story of Old Newgate Prison in Granby, CT, which was originally built as the country's first copper mine back in 1707. After five decades of profitable mining, Newgate's mining operations were shut down and in 1773 the Connecticut General Assembly chartered the abandoned mine as the country's first prison. If only the walls could talk!

For the next 50 years, the Old Newgate Prison would house prisoners. Between 1776 and 1782, prisoners were kept in deplorable conditions from the Revolutionary War. Truth be told, Newgate was not a very good prison at all. Many inmates managed to escape through tunnels that were built for the copper miners. Horrific things did happen while prisoners were kept in small cells in caves down below, which many a paranormal will attest to. Stories are told of many inmates calling Newgate, "HELL."

Old Newgate Prison and Copper Mine - Credit YouTube Video Screenshot from hgwman

What in God's name happened down here? Over the years, there have been reports of spirits allegedly roaming the mines along with ethereal voices crying out from time to time. Visitors have reported seeing weird things on photos they had taken, although none of those claims have been documented. The site has been officially designated as a National Historic Landmark and is now called, Old New-Gate Prison & Copper Mine. The site has been closed for renovations, but is rumored to be opening back up this year. Here's some cool drone footage of the site from above.