Are you wondering where Spring is? I think I know what's going on.

Did you really think that all of these years of pulling that poor groundhog out of his warm winter nap wasn't going to catch up with us at some point? This was one of the first clues that the powers that be were starting their retaliation:

After this incident, you would think that humans would have started to wise up. But no, they kept pulling the sleeping rodents out of their comfy winter homes to see if they could see their shadows. And for what? To see if Spring will come early? The way I see it, Spring arrives on March 20 or 21st every freakin' year!

We get mad at the meteorologist when they get the weather forecast wrong, and they actually have a degree in meteorology. I could be wrong, but I don't think that within the underground infrastructure of burrows are tiny college campuses where groundhogs attend classes to earn their degrees.

But, they are part of nature, and as I mentioned in the paragraph above, they are part of the underground. The word alone sends shivers down my spine. The groundhog underground. *shudders* Who knows what theses seemingly mild-mannered creatures could do if pushed to the edge? You saw from the clip above what happened when Jimmy was pushed to the limit.

I think we should leave them alone. Maybe one year Spring will actually be here when it's supposed to be. Just sayin'.

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