The haunted house in question is in Southington and as the story goes, it used to be a mortuary. Would you move in?

A story at says that in 1986, the Snedeker family -- Allen, Carmen, plus their four children -- decided to rent a house at 208 Meriden Ave. in Southington because their son, Philip, needed to be closer to a hospital in Hartford. When they moved in, they discovered the house had been a mortuary for many years called Hallahan Funeral Home. Family members even found various mortuary tools in the basement. Are you getting creeped out yet?

The family claimed they also found a small grave yard out back, and here's where the allegations begin. The older son claimed he witnessed spirits and terrifying visions in the home, and both parents claimed they were raped and sodomized by demons. The Sedeker's story was made into a movie in 2009 titled, The Haunting in Connecticut.

The movie was mildly successful, but many moviegoers thought that it was way over the top. Carmen Snedeker told

There was onetime we saw an incredibly powerful spirit who was very thin with high cheekbones and long black hair and pitch black eyes, and another had white hair and was wearing a pinstripe tuxedo and his feet were constantly in motion.

A lot of reports claim that Carmen and Allen contradicted each other's stories as to what really happened in that house, leading to the conclusion that all of their stories were concocted for financial gain, and were a complete hoax.

The most credible statement -- and possibly an answer to the question, "Is it fact or fiction?" -- came from the current owner of the Southington house, Susan Trotta-Smith, when she stated:

We've lived in this house for 10 years. Our house is wonderful. This is all Hollywood foolishness. The stories are all ludicrous!