Good news, bro.  You're totally trendy and fashionable without even realizing it. Apparently the hot, new men's grooming trend for 2016 is the Slob Look.


According to the Slob look will be the "in" trend for men in 2016. Men's fashion week in London just ended, and pretty much all the designers had their male models look disheveled, like they just rolled out of bed.

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One male model told reporters, quote, "They told me not to shower . . . you have to look like you don't care.  You've got this disheveled look, but you still look good."

Another model said, quote, "I used to pluck my eyebrows . . . now I have to grow a unibrow.  A lot of us haven't even had our hair cut."

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So see, you KNEW if you waited long enough you'd look cool again.  Fingers crossed that the hot trend in 2017 is fanny packs.


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