Hippies still live among us. Some have long hair and dress weird, but some have real jobs and make a comfortable living.

What are hippies? They evolved in the late 60's as a flower power counterculture that dressed unconventionally, and chose not to conform with typical social norms. Some will say that Deadheads are the only true hippies left, but I say you don't need to be a Deadhead to be a true hippie.

Thrillist.com, the online lifestyle site, has figured out that each state has a notorious hippy town. Here's a list of New England's hippiest towns:

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    NEW HAVEN - Yale University, with its big thinkers and intellectuals, was the center for political rallies back in the late 60's featuring Jerry Rubin, the Black Panthers, and Abbie Hoffman. New Haven was hippy-freakin' heaven man! Get this, Group W Bench is the oldest running head shop in the country.

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    NORTHAMPTON Massachusetts is a city of 29,000 and is know as the academic, artistic, musical, and countercultural mecca of the state. It's also been labeled the most politically liberal medium sized city in the country.

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    Thrillist.com has named KEENE, as the hippiest of the hip in New Hampshire. There is lots and lots of granola-ness in this city of 24,000, which is host to the Keene Music Festival and a large number of vegan restaurants.

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    BURLINGTON Vermont gets the nod as the best hippy city in this state. Why? Easy...Phish, Bernie Sanders, and Ben & Jerry's

    Jamie McCarthy